Founder & CEO

Mrs. Indrani Nagenthiram

Business with a heart of Gold

Indrani Nagenthiram of Scarborough, Ontario, always had a soft spot in her heart for elders in the community. Her heart was touched by the hardships that the elders encounter. She was determined to help the needy elders with her limited resources and tried to make this effort as a career as well. She had the firsthand knowledge of understanding what difficulties one faces while looking after a parent. And, how being a working mother makes it still more difficult; frustrations one faces when they have to get personal leave from work to attend to a loved one’s well being; how the unexpected delays at medical centers makes good intentions turn into deeper frustrations, and sometimes even anger about the lack of facilities to deal with our beloved elders. Having experienced all of the above made Indrani realize the value of care-giving services.

She recognized the lack of elder care services in our communities and was determined to do something about it. After much struggle to fill this void in the community, and in order to help the most respected but vulnerable people in our society, she established her own seniors?service to take care of elders in need. Thus, VILLA KARUNA Senior Care was born.


Mahendra S Minhas

Mahendra S Minhas is a Mechanical Engineer with a wide experience in Quality Assurance /ISO, related to the Aerospace Industry. He has worked as a project specialist with a number of companies such as Honeywell Canada, Interfast Inc. Toronto, Avon technologies Inc. and Goodrich landing gear services, Burlington.

Mahendra and his wife Renu are associated with a number of Social work organisations and support Non Profit agencies such as Villa Karuna home for seniors. Mahendr’s interest in the welfare of seniors attracted him to be associated with Villa karuna. He was appointed as the President of Villa Karuna in 2010.